Olamide Tolulope

Olamide Tolulope


The University of Ibadan, Nigeria Hebron College.


Consumer Technology Audio Equipment and VR Headphones Streaming and Home Entertainment on Apple and Android Devices


Researched, modified, and fact-checked corporate material and technology content for business, client, and consumer sources.


With up to 5 years of experience writing and editing for consumers, Olamide Tolulope S. is a writer and editor. She specializes in writing product reviews for tech devices and virtual reality (VR) gaming devices including headsets, earphones, and other VR accessories. She has used a variety of applications, gadgets, and platforms for more than five years to gain practical knowledge in technology. She enjoyed testing out brand-new technological gadgets.

A Message from Olamide

I enjoy assisting individuals in maximizing their use of existing technologies. It makes me happy to write an essay that encourages you to take advantage of them and enhance even a minor area of your day.