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Best Yamaha Soundbars (Examined in 2023)

Did you decide to buy soundbars from a Japanese manufacturer? If yes, then you must have Yamaha in your living room!

This brand is widely recognized for its best quality.

Each soundbar’s performance is evaluated in-home for hours to determine how well it performs in terms of simplicity of setup and everyday use, dialog sound quality, power output, design, and, of course, how well it provides multiple listeners with an immersive surround sound experience.

This review will open the quest for you on how to enjoy a high-resolution sound performance, the most secure substitute for a home theatre setup. You’ll be guided on how to choose the best soundbar for your needs, set it up, and enjoy the high-quality sound for any movie or TV show.

The virtual 3D sound creates an ideal soundstage for audiophiles. And, Yamaha soundbars support the latest audio technology to boost performance.

We researched the best soundbars by Yamaha to make your dull days brighter. Here are the top 5 we found.

Let’s begin our in-depth exploration of the best Yamaha soundbars!

These are our top recommendations for the best Yamaha soundbars in 2023, so make sure to check them out!

Yamaha SR-C20A

Quick Review:

  • Dolby Digital audio support.
  • Built-in technology generates surround sound, powerful bass, and crystal-clear voice.
  • Comes with an integrated Bluetooth option.
  • Simple but effective options and modes.
  • An all-in-one compact soundbar with excellent value.


Yamaha SR-C20A is a compact sound producer, surprisingly powerful for its size, and is shocking because of how well-designed and aesthetically pleasing it is. Its narrow width of 60 cm makes it perfect for a desktop sound system, and the shipping was pretty handy during unpacking. The bar looks normal but can be placed in many places, making it a versatile addition to any home or office.

In addition to its flexible mounting capabilities, the soundbar is easy to set up and comes with a remote control and an app with all the features needed to maintain regular navigation. The remote’s easy grip and designated buttons on the front make it convenient to use.

This soundbar has built-in technology that produces authentic surround sound, deep bass, and clear speech. Dolby Digital audio compatibility offers surround sound delivery for comprehensive and immersive listening while minimizing sound delay and increasing clarity.

The built-in woofer generates powerful bass with a 60W output, and the front left-right drivers have a maximum power output of 100W each. The speech enhancement option makes the dialogue in the background more noticeable when listening to podcasts, E-Books, or music. Also, Bluetooth technology makes it easy to link smartphones or TVs without wires. Installing, configuring, and pairing the device is also easy.

Yamaha SR-C20A


The Yamaha SR-C20A is a great compact soundbar with excellent value, but it has some downsides. It doesn’t come with an HDMI input option, which is a major concern, especially for gamers.

Also, the soundbar doesn’t allow you to add a subwoofer or speakers, which can be disappointing for someone who wants to use their soundbar with a subwoofer.

Compared to Sonos Beam:

Comparing Yamaha SR-C20A directly to a single-purpose speaker at the same price would be unfair, but rhythmically, we’d still want a little more energy and purpose. Because of this, Sonos Beam is worth the additional cost if you can afford it

Compared to the SR-C20A, the Beam has a more robust and dynamic sound, making it ideal for hearing more of the music.

But, Yamaha SR-C20A bar’s sleek and stylish profile, powerful multidirectional sound output, and accessible navigation options make it the perfect height and size for homes and offices. This also provides the best at this price.Yamaha ATS-2090

Yamaha ATS-2090

Quick Review:

  • Built-in DTS Virtual:X support.
  • Comes with a Wireless Subwoofer.
  • Spotify connects, Bluetooth and Voice Control Alexa is available.
  • Excellent sound with a good punch.
  • Two HDMI Inputs.


The Yamaha ATS-2090 is a small, rounded soundbar with a wireless subwoofer that takes up little room on the floor. DTS Virtual:X should offer the appearance of a height dimension in the soundstage since Dolby Atmos is not supported. The ATS-2090 has a clean, modern aesthetic that fits any home theatre setup.

The bar offers a ton of functionality, including voice control and Wi-Fi connectivity, but not Google Assistant. While some streaming services might employ Bluetooth, Spotify Connect lets you play Spotify straight on the soundbar from your mobile device.

It has an audio return channel on the HDMI output for a simple TV connection. You can also use a second HDMI input to get high-definition audio tracks from Blu-ray disks. Due to the soundbar from Yamaha having no display. Instead, inputs and functions are indicated at the top by LEDs. The different LEDs light up depending on the volume you choose. The same thing occurs when you need to adjust the subwoofer’s volume.

Yamaha ATS-2090


The major drawback of the Yamaha ATS-2090 is its 3D surround effect that produces too much fake reverberation. Also, the bar has no display making it difficult to track inputs, surround power, and sound volume.

Due to the soundbar has indicator lights on top instead of the front, so you have to go there to see them. For this reason, they’re not useful for their intended purpose.

Compared to Panasonic SC-HTB490

Compared to Panasonic SC-HTB490, the Yamaha soundbar makes the sound more powerful than the Panasonic. Just use the music setting on movies to make dialogues sound the best for the top-notch movie experience.

The Yamaha ATS-2090’s sound is good for the money. The bar can make big explosions on the screen, and you can hear the action clearly.

Yamaha Audio YAS-209BL

Quick Review:

  • Fantastic front soundstage.
  • Built-in DTS-X and Fire TV support.
  • Comes with the Amazon Alexa feature.
  • Integrated Bluetooth pairing option with good range and strong signal.
  • Easy setup process.


The Yamaha Audio YAS-209BL is the best-selling model of the company. It has excellent features like wireless technology and powerful speakers that produce high output without sacrificing audio quality. This could be a perfect choice for anyone who wants to experience superb sound without breaking the bank.

The built-in speaker works well for many uses. After many reader demands, we examined the device and were astounded by its extraordinary performance. Watching, streaming TV, or listening to a podcast can be interesting with this soundbar. The good thing is there was no compression at maximum volume, and it has good low-frequency extension, making it a good option for most uses.

Also, using a free app was easy, and Bluetooth pairing was fantastic. Bluetooth signal’s range and strength were great as well. Moreover, the subwoofer is wireless, so it doesn’t need a good spot to play. The subwoofer’s powerful bass can move you when you play games or listen to music.

Yamaha Audio YAS-209BL


The best smart soundbar with built-in Alexa, DTS-X, and Fire TV compatibility is Yamaha YAS-209BL. DTS will guarantee that the virtual sound output is crystal clear and that the stereo response is good enough to satisfy music listeners.

Yamaha’s MusicCast multiroom system isn’t available on the YAS-209BL. Also, the need for surround sound or high channels can make it less attractive.

Furthermore, there is no eARC, Dolby Vision passthrough, or HDR10+, which is a concern.

Compared to Polk Audio Signa S2

Compared to Polk Audio Signa S2, Yamaha YAS-209 is a significantly superior soundbar. The Yamaha plays music better and has a more balanced frequency response. However, it doesn’t get louder than the Polk S2, but it works better when turned up at maximum volume. The Yamaha supports additional audio formats and has more inputs, plus it can play material through Wi-Fi.

It’s an excellent Yamaha surround bar for beginners with a stylish, sophisticated appearance and helpful functionality.

Yamaha YAS-109

Quick Review:

  • DTS Virtual: X for 3D sound experience is available.
  • Wonderful dialogue-enhancement mode.
  • Various sound customization options are available with six EQ presets.
  • Built-in Alexa voice assistant and Wi-Fi support.
  • Two inbuilt subwoofers.


The Yamaha YAS-109 is a stylish, minimalist soundbar with many fun options to increase the volume of your music listening. We used it for music, news, and sporting events because of its low-key appearance and loud sound output. The YAS-109 is perfect for any space, and we love that you can customize the sound to your liking.

We loved how it has a lot of features and low-cost sound drivers. Additionally, it supports DTS Virtual: X for 3D sound, which makes audio sound tremendous and immersive.

The sound comes from all sides, making it feel like you’re in a movie theater. The 60W woofer, 5.5 cm front driver, and tweeter are all in one housing. The result is a home theatre that’s both beautiful and powerful.

The soundbar will amaze you with loud, clear, and tailored audio. You can optimize sound in various settings, even without Atmos. The best Yamaha soundbar, the YAS-109, provides sound modes for quick sound customization.

Yamaha YAS-109


The Yamaha YAS-109 struggles with low bass, which affects things like EDM and the sound effects in movies. Also, it is dissatisfied with its poor surround sound performance.

Moreover, the lack of Dolby Atmos restricts the bar from being loud enough to fill a large room.

Compared to Yamaha YAS-108/ATS-1080

Compared to Yamaha YAS-108/ATS-1080, Yamaha YAS-109 has replaced the bar. The YAS-109 allows wireless playback over Wi-Fi, has six EQ presets, and has an Ethernet port instead of an AUX input. But the YAS-108 can, nevertheless, become slightly louder with fewer compression artifacts, and it has been updated to include a few new features.

The Yamaha YAS-109 is easy to use voice to change channels, turn on a playlist, or enable a specific sound style. As a result, it can play music without interruption.

Yamaha SR-B20A

Quick review

  • Good specs with DTS: X and Virtual 3D sound technology supported.
  • HDMI-ARC connection is available.
  • Practically small and beautifully finished.
  • Capable of producing a sound that is direct and expansive.
  • Wireless connection available.


After careful deliberation and positive feedback from those who have used it, we’re happy to announce that we’ve tested and confirmed that the Yamaha SR-B20A soundbar is the perfect fit for any home. With its easy sound that can turn wild when needed, the bar can definitely keep up with your music streaming routine.

The long, thin shape blends in with your TV, and the metallic black finish catches your eye. We looked at the bar after we unpacked it. The build, design, and drivers amazed us. The soundbar’s ability to stop other noise and focus on your material impressed us. The sound was crisp and clear, and there was no sound distortion even when the volume was turned up.

When you press the play button, DTS: X and Virtual 3D sound technology will make you hear sound coming from right, left, above, or behind, moving with the content. Also, the user-friendly interface makes it great for everyone, and the wireless connection is easy to use. We loved the wireless connectivity feature, which made it smarter than smart.

This Yamaha soundbar has voice technology that avoids distortion and produces precise vocal delivery, even at high volumes. The woofers have a full-range, strong bass that changes when the material changes. And the four sound modes automatically adjust the sound to make it realistic. They do this by perfectly synchronizing as soon as a correct mode is selected.


The SR-B20A’s dynamic and rhythmic performance is weak and doesn’t have much precise timing. The large-scale dynamic shifts are shown beautifully, but we wish a few more expression options were available there.

Moreover, certain EQ presets are less efficient than others when it comes to removing unwanted frequencies from a sound.

Compared to Yamaha YAS-107

Yamaha SR-B20A replaces Yamaha YAS-107. The Yamaha is comparable to the JBL and JVC at this price. However, Yamaha is a soundbar company you can trust if you want an affordable product with a mix of performances available.

Additionally, there will be an immersive tv-watching experience with the HDMI-ARC connection, making it a great contender for the best Yamaha soundbar. 

Buying Guide:

Soundbars are challenging to shop for because they look similar. Look at internal components and functionality to find the best soundbar for you.

Installation and configuration

Soundbars should be easy to fix and start working quickly under any conditions. People may find it annoying to use complicated functioning soundbars because they take time and ruin the mood of hearing or watching something great.

Thankfully, Yamaha soundbars have everything you need to set up and configure the bar, including an AC adapter, power cord, and remote control digital optical audio wire.

Besides, a manual guide will be provided to get back on track if you mess up.


You spend a lot of time around technical devices and appreciate the highest-quality digital video and audio. In that situation, you need to search for various connectivity inputs so that connecting any device you own will be easy and enjoyable. 

Fortunately, Yamaha soundbars offer good pairing options across their models. They have multiple optical digital audio inputs, USB, HDMI ARC, HDMI outputs, and support for wireless connections.

Modes of Sound

You can improve your experience by using sound options that tailor the sound to the content. This way, content can be optimized without individual audio setting adjustments.

These best Yamaha soundbars we mentioned above have at least four sound modes with specific functions, like improving dialogue, enhancing bass, etc.

Performance of the Audio/Sound

The main goal of buying a Yamaha soundbar is to improve audio listening quality. TV speakers can’t provide this, so soundbars with DTS: X and Dolby Digital decoding are essential. These features make soundstages wider and sound delays shorter.

In both cases, use an integrated soundbar or external subwoofer. Yamaha soundbars produce good bass that people like.


Yamaha soundbars give music and podcast listeners a cinematic experience. They have powerful speakers, a metallic design, and exquisite craftsmanship. They may help you create a dreamlike sound in your studios or houses.

All soundbars on this list are guaranteed to sound like a real home theatre for a realistic price.

Therefore, spending money and effort is worth it on the best Yamaha soundbar.

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