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How To Install Polk Soundbar With HDMI Cable and Bluetooth

The Polk soundbar has earned a name for its deep, rich bass and crisp highs without taking up too much space or requiring any additional components. Connecting it to your TV is easy as soundbars are slim and easy to install.

Install Polk Soundbar With HDMI Cable and Bluetooth

Different Ways to Connect Polk Soundbar To TV?

This is the most efficient way to connect to a Polk soundbar, or any other brand, to a television. You can pick one compatible with the soundbar’s ports and the TV you have.

This is a brief guide to connecting your soundbar to the TV. Examine the connections that are on the TV and Soundbar first. Most TVs and soundbars are equipped with HDMI, HDMI ARC, or ARC connectors.

Please select a suitable cable based on the ports it has. HDMI cable connections are the best method of connecting your TV to the Polk soundbar. It allows the transmission of massive amounts of audio data and produces high-quality sound.

How To Connect a Polk Soundbar To TV

Using HDMI Cable

HDMI is the most convenient method of connecting a Polk soundbar to a TV. This is the best option when your TV is equipped with an HDMI port. HDMI cables are capable of transmitting large quantities of uncompressed digital audio information. It is essential to make sure your TV is provided with an HDMI connection to RCA.

HDMI cables can only send data. However, HDMI cables that support ARC (Audio Return Channel) can also receive and transmit data. Check that your TV is compatible with HDMI ARCA (Audio Return Channel) connections and soundbars. Some soundbars do not support HDMI ports, especially the lower-end ones.

The remainder of the procedure is more straightforward when using the HDMI ports input. After connecting to the HDMI cable, be sure you have enabled the option to set CEC is turned on.

The HDMI connection can support only 5.1 surround audio. The quality of surround sound channels above 5.1, like 7.1, is diminished to 5.1.

You can bypass using the HDMI connection if your television or soundbars don’t support it.

After confirming whether your television or Polk soundbar is not compatible with HDMI and HDMI ACR, you can connect it with a Digital optical cable or coaxial cable.

A coaxial or digital optical cable can be the most efficient method to connect your TV and soundbars. All you need to do is click the wires, and you’re good to go. It may be necessary to enable CEC in certain situations; however, all you need to do is connect the HDMI cables.

Though they’re two different kinds of HDMI cables, however, there’s little to talk about these cables. Cable connectors that are used with optical cables as well as coaxial cables have a square shape. The ports are circular and square.

Both work slightly differently, and that’s why many prefer optical coaxial over digital cable. But, either performs well.

Both of them work flawlessly when paired with surround audio. Make sure you have the correct ports on your soundbars and TVs.

Many soundbars and TVs have optical ports and connectors. However, some TVs do not have a digital coaxial connection.

The drawback to this technique is similar to the above method in that it can only support 5.1 surround sound and more than 5.1 surround sounds, which will limit everything to 5.1 channels. It is not compatible with Dolby Atmos or DTS X.

The ARC, as well as the AUX cables are both analog. They will provide less-than-good sound quality. Only connect ARC and the AUX cables with soundbars having at minimum two channels. It is advised only to connect ARC or AUX cables when it has at least two channels. They are, however, suitable on one track.

It’s simple to connect two ends. One relates to your TV, and the other connects to a soundbar. After that, you can listen to movies, music, or any other audio you want.

Can you Connect With Bluetooth?

You can connect your television to a soundbar through Bluetooth. But both devices provide Bluetooth connectivity with the same conditions. But the sync button, as well as audio latency issues, cause me difficulty in recommending your device.

They’re great for listening to music, especially if the Polk Audio SB225 Polk soundbar product comes with them. Although significant, the superior sound quality will be more impressive when you have wired connections.

Switch off Bluetooth to connect your television to the soundbar using Bluetooth. While it’s difficult to pick a set-up, it is possible to go to the Settings menu and then press on sound to display the current source of output. There will be Bluetooth options when you press the forward button or use the remote to activate the function.

When you click after you click the Bluetooth selection, a pop-up window will display, displaying the available Bluetooth devices. Choose your soundbar, and then the Polk soundbar will join in minutes.

You can change the source of sound output with the same procedure.

These are the most suitable connections to allow the Polk audio bar to function with your television. The headphone socket can be used to connect the Polk soundbar to the TV, and you will need a 3.5mm line-out, digital coax, and an audio socket.

Pairing With Subwoofer

Both devices can be compatible if the Polk soundbar is wireless. Subwoofers can be set up to pair with your Polk audio bar via wireless. It is essential to ensure that your power cable is connected to the subwoofer and that the power outlet is turned on.

If the subwoofer and the soundbar cannot pair, turn off the subwoofer and press the Sync button at the rear of the soundbars. The LED light will start to flash in your Polk Sound Bar. This is a sign that the Polk speaker is now ready to connect with the subwoofer. At this point, it’s time to turn off the soundbar.

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