Step-by-Step Guide: How to Connect JBL 9.1 Subwoofer to Soundbar

How to Connect Jbl 9.1 Subwoofer to Soundbar

If you are reading this, you are probably either a happy new JBL Bar 9.1 owner or you may be considering JBL and wondering how the setup would work. Congratulations to those of you who recently became owners!

Our brief tips and techniques are quite helpful to most people, so we’ve compiled them into one place for your convenience.

How to Connect a JBL Subwoofer to a JBL Bar 9.1 Soundbar?

If you wish to connect your JBL 9.1 subwoofer to your soundbar, you should first take a moment to carefully consider where you want to place your soundbar. Though The Bar 9.1 has been designed to be placed under your TV. But it can be mounted on a wall too, so it’s important to make sure it fits your space. Next, follow these steps to connect your JBL 9.1 subwoofer to your soundbar.

  1. Make sure the soundbar and subwoofer are unplugged from any power sources.
  1. On the soundbar’s back, look for the audio input ports, which will allow you to connect your device to the soundbar for audio playback.
  1. These will usually have the labels “audio in” or “aux in.”
  1. Connect one end of an audio cable to the soundbar’s back audio input port.
  1. The subwoofer’s speaker-level input port or its line-in port will be connected to the wire.
  1. If both the line-in port and the RCA port are available on your subwoofer, use the line-in port instead.
  1. Turn on your soundbar by pressing its power button. The power button is typically located on the top or front panel of the soundbar.
  1. Then, using your remote control, choose “AUX” or “Line In” to pick the audio source you connected in Step 3.

Now that everything is complete, you can finally start enjoying all the fantastic movies in this thrilling Dolby Atmos format.

What to do if your JBL 9.1 Subwoofer won’t pair?

There are a few things you may want to do if you’re having difficulties connecting your JBL 9.1 subwoofer to the other speaker. First, check to see that the power switch is switched on and that the subwoofer is correctly plugged into an AC outlet. Check the subwoofer and the other speakers’ connections next to see if they’re the same. If they’re not, check the subwoofer’s output jack and the other speaker’s input jack to make sure they’re both plugged in correctly.

If everything appears to be in order, but the subwoofer still won’t work, try resetting the subwoofer by holding the reset button down for 5 seconds. If none of these fixes work, it’s conceivable that your subwoofer needs to be replaced since it is faulty. For assistance with this problem, get in touch with JBL customer support.

How Do I Set Up the JBL 9.1 Soundbar’s Rear-Surround Speakers?

Additionally, the Bar 9.1 comes with rear speakers that can be detached and placed anywhere in the room for an immersive experience. The following action is crucial. You should pay attention to JBL’s markings on the sides of each unit to determine which rear-surround speaker is the left or right channel as this will impact the sound.

 It’s often a good idea to set the back speakers up on top of a table or even a pair of stands behind you when you disconnect them. Wireless and rechargeable detachable rear surrounds for the JBL Bar 9.1 are also available. They’ll give you roughly 10 hours of wireless playtime, and each unit’s top has a red light that will blink when it’s time to charge. 

When it’s time to charge them, merely dock them into the built-in magnets on the Bar 9.1’s sides, and they’ll be fully charged in roughly 3 hours. When you’re not using them, you can simply dock them back into their built-in magnets and they’ll be ready to go when you want.


Our comprehensive advice on connecting your JBL 9.1 subwoofer to your soundbar is now complete. You should now be ready to start enjoying all the fantastic films in this thrilling Dolby Atmos format. 

This short, to-the-point instruction should make it easier for you to get excellent outcomes quickly and with less effort. We’re here to help you achieve the best possible outcomes every time.

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