How to Hook Up Your Sony Soundbar to a Samsung TV

Hook Up Sony Soundbar To Samsung TV

Those who want to enhance their TV viewing experience often use Sony soundbars. But not everybody owns a Sony TV! You might be wondering, would a Sony soundbar work with a Samsung TV? if you have one. Nobody wants to spend money on a new, sophisticated soundbar only to find out they can’t use it with their current TV.

A few options are available to hook up a Sony soundbar to Samsung TV. 

So let’s get this show started.

How To Hook Up Sony Soundbar To Samsung TV

How To Hook UP Sony Soundbar To A Samsung TV

The audio signal is transferred from one device to another using a single wire. You can use an RCA (analog) cable or use an HDMI. Using an HDMI cable is the best option if you want the best audio output. This will enable you to manage the soundbar with the TV remote in addition to receiving high-quality audio.

Sony soundbars and Samsung televisions function perfectly together. They may be connected rather easily, but you must ensure that your TV has an optical or HDMI connector, which indicates that it was created after 2012.

Using an HDMI Cable

So, how do you link your soundbar to your TV with an HDMI cable? The steps are:

  1. Connect the HDMI cable’s one end to the HDMI-IN ARC port on your TV.
  1. Connect the other end of your HDMI cable to the “TV OUT” connection on the soundbar (ARC).
  1. TV and the soundbar should turn on.
  1. Choose HDMI by pressing the “input” button on your Sony soundbar.
  1. Then, switch your Samsung TV’s audio output to HDMI.
  1. To see if the sound is coming from your soundbar, simply play something on your TV.
  1. That’s all you need. You can now hear the sound from your Sony soundbar on a Samsung TV.

If you’ve done everything listed above and your Sony soundbar is still not producing sound, you should do one more thing. Go to “TV settings” and choose “sound.” Then select “Expert Options” and adjust the “PCM” setting for both “HDMI” and “Digital Audio Output.”

The Sony soundbar should now be audible through the Samsung TV’s audio output. If not, ensure both devices’ audio output settings are set to the correct settings.

Using an Optical Cable

An optical cable is a good substitute for an HDMI cable if you don’t have one. The steps are as follows:

  1. Attach the optical cable’s one end to your TV’s “Optical digital audio out” port.
  1. Attach the other end of your optical cable to the “OPTICAL IN” connection on the soundbar.
  1. Turn on both the soundbar and the TV.
  1. On your soundbar, click the “input” option. Then, choose optical.
  1. Now choose “audio” from the “menu” option. You can see “TV speakers” here. Switch them off.
  1. You need to change “Digital Audio Out” to “Bitstream” or “Dolby Digital” from the same audio menu.
  1. Simply play something on your TV to see if the sound is coming from the soundbar.
  1. It’s done. You can now hear the sound from your Sony soundbar on a Samsung TV.

Using Bluetooth

You can use Bluetooth to connect your TV and soundbar if they both support it. To do this follow the steps: 

  1. Power on your TV.
  1. On your TV remote, click “home.”
  1. Select “Bluetooth settings” from the “settings” menu.
  1. From the menu, choose “add device.” Bluetooth devices will appear.
  1. Choose your soundbar from the available options.
  1. Try playing something to see if your soundbar can produce the sound.


If you were wondering if you could hook up a Sony soundbar with a Samsung TV, the answer is “yes”. You shouldn’t have trouble getting your new soundbar up and running if you can connect the two devices via an HDMI or optical cable. But choosing a soundbar made by the same company that makes your TV is best to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience.

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