Silent Screen: Troubleshooting and Fixing No Sound on Hisense Roku TV

No Sound On Hisense Roku TV

Many people experience no sound on Hisense Roku tv issues. On some channels, the sound occasionally won’t play at all. In other instances, the audio stutters, echoes, or occasionally stops working.

There are a few various ways to repair the Hisense Roku no sound problem, including software updates, factory resets, changing the audio settings on your Hisense Roku TV, resetting the audio and image settings, and power resets. If you have a Hisense Roku TV and are suffering sound problems, such as no audio, disruption in sound, delayed sound, or any other sound difficulties, you may also try these solutions. Let’s examine no sound on hisense roku tv issue in more depth below.

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Make sure you did not mute the television

If the sound is not working on hisense roku tv. Make sure the Television is not mute before doing anything else. To unmute the TV, all you need to do is push the Mute key on your TV remote control.

Restart the Hisense TV

To solve the sound issue, restart the Hisense Roku TV.

There are a couple fixes you may attempt if your Hisense Roku TV isn’t producing sound properly. Make sure you tune your TV’s volume up to the max before you do anything else. Try restarting the TV’s power supply if that doesn’t work. You must unplug the Roku TV from its power supply before being re-plugged. Check the sound on the TV once you have restarted it and plugged in again. If not, you can try a few more steps first before getting in touch with customer service.

Verify the Speaker Connection

You should connect correctly the speakers on your Hisense Roku TV as the first place to look if you’re experiencing audio issues. You won’t hear any audio if they’re not.

Make sure you have the proper cords on hand because there are a few different methods to connect speakers to your TV. Check to see whether it resolved the issue by turning on both your television and speakers once you have connected the cords. Else, your Hisense Roku TV’s configuration can be problematic. Search for anything pertaining to audio output in the settings menu. Ensure that you turn the internal speakers off and that external speakers are being used.

Still no success? It’s possible that the sound system or TV itself is broken. To get help further troubleshooting the problem, try contacting customer support.

No Sound On Hisense Roku TV

How to Resolve Hisense Roku TV audio and sound issues

If you have attempted any of the aforementioned techniques but saw no progress. To solve the hisense roku tv sound not working issues, use the following procedures.

Restart your Roku TV from Hisense Remote control

You can restart the Hisense TV to help fix the issue.

  • First, get your remote and turn on your television before beginning.
  • Hit the home button five times, the up arrow once, the rewind button twice, and the forward button once.
  • Now, hold on for 30 seconds. The Hisense Roku television will switch on and off after 30 seconds.

That’s it, so check the sound on your Hisense Roku TV to see whether this has almost resolved the problem. If you continue to have problems, try the following fixes for Hisense Roku TV. Lack of audio, broken audio, and delayed audio.

Reset The Power And Unplug The Plug

Restart you Hisense Roku TV via the following steps:

  • Pull the power plug and turn on your Hisense Roku TV.
  • Hold on for 30 seconds
  • Reconnect the power plug to the wall socket or other power source.
  • Switch on your Hisense Roku TV and watch as it boots and turns on.

Once your Hisense Roku smart TV has turned on, check to see whether your sound problems have been fixed. If not, try one of the alternative solutions listed below.

Change Your Audio Cable

There are a few solutions you may attempt if the sound on your Hisense Roku TV isn’t working properly.

To begin with, double-check that each of the cords leading from your television to your sound source is safe and unharmed.

If everything appears to be in order, try a different audio wire. If it doesn’t fix the problem, you might need to call customer service for support because it’s conceivable that your Hisense Roku TV is the source of the problem.

System Upgrade for Hisense Smart TV Firmware

There is a solution available for people whose Hisense TV’s sound is malfunctioning. Simply follow these instructions to upgrade your device’s firmware:

  • On your remote, press the home button.
  • Locate the ‘Settings’ option and use the arrow keys to move right and descend to the system.
  • Next, turn right and descend to the system update page.
  • Choose System update and then click OK. If a system update is available, update your Hisense Roku TV.

After you complete the system update, you shouldn’t have any sound problems.

Set up audio again

Resetting the audio settings is one thing you may do if your hisense roku tv volume is not working. This could help solve the issue. How to do it:

  • Use the remote’s home button.
  • Go to ‘System’ then click on ‘Advanced System’ Options in Settings.
  • Continue to navigate to the right by using the arrow keys. One more step to the right, then select Reset TV Audio/Picture Settings.
  • Choose “OK” next to “Reset TV Audio/Picture Settings.”
  • To reset the television’s audio, press the Play/Pause button three times.

That’s it; when you reset the TV’s picture and audio, everything should function as intended because your sound settings will now be in their default state.

Reset the audio receiver’s settings.

There are a few things you may attempt to reset the audio receiver settings if your Hisense Roku TV isn’t playing sound properly. Before plugging your Roku TV back in, disconnect it for 30 seconds. If it doesn’t work, try holding down the power key for 5 seconds to reset your audio receiver. If neither of these fixes is successful, kindly get in touch with customer service.

How To Repair Hisense Roku Tv; No Sound Via Factory Reset.

If the sound on your Hisense Roku TV isn’t functioning, you can try going back to the factory default settings. This will return the Television to its factory settings, which could resolve the sound problem. To return to the factory defaults:

  • First, hit the home button on your remote.
  • Locate the ‘Factory reset’ option under Settings, then head to ‘System’ and finally ‘Advanced System Settings’.
  • Scroll down to factory reset, then choose OK as soon as possible.
  • To restore everything to its factory default settings, input the code as it appears on your Hisense Roku TV.

Last Words

Fixing hisense roku tv no sound problem is not hard nor is it impossible if you follow the right steps. You may resolve the issue using the factory reset, power reset, firmware upgrade, audio and picture reset, and a few more techniques as described in this post.

However, you’ll need to get in touch with Hisense customer service if none of the above troubleshooting advice fixes the issue.