How to Placing Your Soundbar Behind Your TV: Optimizing Audio Setup

Setting up soundbars in their appropriate place might be challenging sometimes because of inadequate space. However, if you have a short TV or a somewhat large soundbar, this might be an option for you. If this applies to you, the decision to place your sound bar behind TV would not seem so absurd.

Although you could have good reasons, mounting a soundbar behind a television is ultimately a terrible choice since the audio quality suffers and remote control use is more challenging.

Before we talk further about the best position for your soundbar, you ensure that the soundbar is correctly connected with your TV in order for it to operate as intended. Make sure that your connections are good before deciding on the location of the soundbar’s final placement position.

Can You Put A Soundbar Behind The TV?

Really, it all varies depending on your definition of the word “behind.” If you mean by projecting to the rear of a TV, then you must never place a soundbar there.

You might get away with that, though, if all you’re doing is moving the soundbar a few inches back while keeping the rest of it unobstructed. However, sound quality will be your biggest concern if you place your soundbar somewhere other than where it is supposed to be.

Why is it terrible to place your soundbar behind your TV?

Although your TV will block the sound waves, a soundbar will function behind it. However, it will function well if you put a soundbar behind your TV in order to avoid having it hindered.

Getting better sound quality when viewing films, playing online games, or listening to songs is the whole idea of investing in a modern soundbar. Sound quality is practically worse when you place it behind the TV than before you even purchased the soundbar. You could as well use the TV’s built-in speakers instead if the soundbar is fully blocked.

Acoustics dictate that you shouldn’t position your soundbar in front of the TV or a wall. Room acoustics describes the way sound waves move through a space before they reach your ears.

Sound waves and echoes can muddy or distort the sound when a soundwave from the soundbar rebounds off the wall, TV, or floor. So, if your TV in any way blocks the soundbar, you should never position one behind it.

Another terrible location for a soundbar is behind a couch. Placing your soundbar behind the couch will have consequences similar to those of placing it behind a TV in that it can impede sound. Because the soundbar sound is heard from the front, positioning it behind the speaker is typically less immersive.

If you’re short on room, you really have a few alternatives for where to place your soundbar. There will be better and worse places. Some setups, such as wall mounting, will take a bit more effort. Even if you have to be inventive, there is usually a method to provide the finest watching and hearing experience.

Can You Place Soundbar Behind TV

Which is better, above or below the TV for a soundbar?

In most cases, put a soundbar beneath your TV and unless you have no other option, avoid mounting your soundbar above the TV. The sound waves from your TV won’t immediately enter your ear if you have a soundbar mounted above it.

The sole benefit of a soundbar above the TV is cable management, to put it briefly. Your entertainment unit will look tidier because it’s much simpler to conceal the wire connections. However, the sound quality is far more important than the number of cords that hang below your TV.

When to Place Your Soundbar Below Your TV

It can be a smart suggestion to use a TV wall bracket instead of a TV stand if the console can support your soundbar. Position your TV a few feet above the console and use it to house your sound bar. A reasonable vertical location for the TV with this set-up is often halfway between eye level while seated and standing.

In the absence of a console, attaching the TV with a soundbar is unquestionably the best option. Once more, you want your TV to be set at eye level for both standing and sitting. The goal is to remove the requirement for head tilting while watching from a sitting or standing position. You should change this to fit your viewing preferences.

After you place the TV, mount the soundbar using a flat mount a few inches just below the TV.

When to Place Your Soundbar Above Your TV

When can soundbars go above tv? Think about mounting the soundbar above your TV if you have a constrained seating space, such as a single sofa or a group of chairs, especially if your TV is big. If your console and TV stand are too tiny for anything else, this is the finest option for you. Technically, this would also be at the rear of the television.

You should use a tilting mount in these circumstances. Place the mount high, sufficiently above the TV for the soundbar to have an open path to the hearing area.

The soundbar should be mounted to the mount and angled toward the listening area. The soundbar should be as close to the TV as workable without being blocked by it.

Your volume will need to be increased to match up with the height of your soundbar. Higher soundbars could not disperse sound as evenly around the space.

You may lower the height required to attach the soundbar by placing the TV nearer to the wall.

Last Words

In the placement of soundbars, the best option for a soundbar is to mount your TV to the wall, especially if your TV stand doesn’t have enough room. Then, you may mount the soundbar on the TV stand after mounting your TV to a wall.

To avoid soundbar placement issues, the ideal solution is to think about positioning possibilities before purchasing a soundbar in order to minimize space concerns. As a result, you can focus on finding the finest soundbars for you by reducing your alternatives. By doing this, you can avoid running into problems with a lack of space.

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