A Comparison of Soundbar vs Speakers: Choosing the Best PC Audio Setup

Many individuals find it difficult to decide between a soundbar vs speakers for PC when updating their computers because of a variety of reasons and slight variations between the two.

Both options have their benefits, and the choice you make will mostly rely on different factors, including the design of the equipment, the quality of the audio, available space, and the funds available. Also, you must make sure that anyone you select is compatible with your PC; otherwise, you might need to purchase additional equipment.

Do not worry if you are unsure which one to purchase. You can learn more about the differences and similarities between computer soundbars vs speakers from this article. You’ll know which one to buy after this post.

Let’s start with the sound bars!

Soundbar Vs Speakers For Pc

Laptop Sound Bars For PC

Easy Setup

Some of the best characteristics of soundbars are user-friendliness and ease of setup. You won’t have to deal with several cables because everything is built-in there, which makes the setup fast and seamless.

The easy-to-use appliance is simply a long speaker that you insert into the 3.5mm jack of your computer to use. If you have a laptop, having Bluetooth capabilities on some of them may be an extra perk that makes connecting easier.


Most soundbars are solidly constructed, especially high-end models, and they have many significant benefits over speakers, including excellent space use.

That soundbars are long, slim speakers with inbuilt features is a major benefit because you won’t need to manage much equipment. Therefore, you may get a top-notch performance by placing a soundbar comfortably below your computer or placing your soundbar on the desk. You can also use a separate subwoofer.

Its sound will have an echo since you will mount it within a cabinet, which improves the total output.

Acoustic Quality

In terms of sound, some people have asked, “can I use a soundbar for my PC?” and the simple answer is yes.

You may improve the sound that your laptop produces with soundbars. If your soundbar arrangement includes a separate subwoofer and an integrated amplifier, this is especially true.

Soundbars can effectively handle low to midrange vocals and provide you with improved audio output.

Affordable Price

Soundbars are typically much more affordable than speakers. For instance, the fund that you would spend on purchasing a high-quality soundbar might only be just enough to get a basic speaker set with no sophisticated features.

Portable Size

Soundbars are the best option for you if you have a tiny space and you’re okay with not having to surround sound capabilities.

Even your standard video games, which can satisfactorily manage most sounds, are playable. As long as you play the right games, you will be just fine.


Speakers For PC


Speakers have a little disadvantage in terms of design because they take up a lot of space, unlike laptop sound bars. Depending on the number of appliances that you have, adding a speaker to the list might make your shelf look jam-packed.

The solution to this issue may be to explore the many styles, shapes, and sizes available for speakers. The space available will also determine the size of the speaker that you would purchase and how you would arrange it.

Acoustic Quality

No other appliance can compete with the high-end speaker’s ability to deliver quality sound. Regardless if you choose a mid-range speaker setup, the audio quality it produces will be far higher than that of a soundbar with a similar price.

There are certain arrangements with an integrated amplifier, or you may choose a separate one. You can also add subwoofers in any number. You can also add more speakers if need be, but it all depends on your available space and individual needs.

A speaker that costs 80 to 100 dollars should be able to deliver a surround sound that will give you a genuinely realistic experience while you watch films or play video games.

Multiple Functionality

Speakers have multiple functions, and this is one of their many significant benefits. You may use your PC’s speakers for several things as long as you have a standard set of speakers.

You may use it to play video games, stream music, watch films, and do a variety of other things. For 3D surround sound, you may add extra speakers and set them up behind your seating space.

You can also plug your musical appliances and other gadgets (apart from your PC) into your speakers, which also provide a variety of additional connectivity possibilities.

Room for Upgrade

Truly, it is expensive to build a speaker system. However, you may launch your speaker system with a receiver and two satellite speakers, and increase your sound system collection with extra satellite speakers and probably a subwoofer as more funds come in.

Extra power

If you are big on heavy sound output, pick speakers over soundbars. Many speakers gave a sound putout of over 120 watts. However, this sound output is a little too much for a computer setup.  

Surround Audio

One of the most indispensable benefits of purchasing a speaker for your PC instead of a sound bar is the surround sound features. Surround sound is the finest characteristic that surpasses all others and elevates speakers above soundbars as an alternative. A speaker setup provides a superior full-range 3D impression which you can change by positioning the speakers in different locations around your space.

A speaker setup is a better option for you. If your space is enormous enough and with its 3D surround sound feature, you can enhance your movie and video gaming experience.


In the actual sense, you can get speakers for as low as 40 to 50 dollars, but you shouldn’t expect much from them in terms of surround sound experience.

This means that the overall quality you would eventually get with speakers depends on how much you have spent on them.

For instance, a speaker that costs 95 dollars will perform better than a 49-dollar option and while a 95-dollar can only purchase an entry-level speaker system, you can get a high-quality soundbar with a similar price range.


In the end, it all boils down to what you really want, and if that is moderate audio quality without extras, then a laptop soundbar might just be good enough for you. However, if you want more in terms of sound quality, then consider getting a speaker system for your PC.

Conversely, speakers give you a genuine sound and may magnify every detail at many sound levels. They need some technical skills to set up and perform best in bigger areas.