Difference Between Yamaha Yas 207 And 209: Which is a Better Option

Yamaha Yas 207 And 209

Buy a new soundbar? With so many various soundbars on the market, it can take time to choose the right one. Use this comparison between the Yamaha YAS-207 and YAS 209 to your advantage as you shop for a new soundbar. Local IT specialists claim that YAS 209 has some of YAS-207’s most notable characteristics.

When the YAS-207 Yamaha soundbar first appeared on the market in 2017, it surprised and amazed the audiophile community with its clean, balanced sound and more capabilities than a $300 soundbar should offer. It’s been number one on our list of best soundbars for two years. Eventually, Yamaha released the YAS-209, which many people think is an upgraded YAS-207. Although the YAS-209 offers more functions, the 207 is still a good deal for others.

Does the new design do the same or better than the original, no matter how similar they are? This is one of the issues this article is trying to address. We also contrast other elements like performance and sound.

Here’s a summary of our comparison of the two best Yamaha soundbars: the YAS-207 might have all the features you’re looking for in a soundbar. But the YAS-209 has been improved, making it even better. The YAS-207 sounds better when it’s turned up to its highest level. Additionally, it offers outstanding loud frequency coverage. The YAS-209, on the other hand, has a better sub and generates a considerably deeper frequency level, allowing you to hear even the slightest sound. Most soundbar fans are asking for WiFi wireless playback, which the most recent YAS version also enables.

Find out how each Yamaha version does against certain features

Yamaha Yas 207 And 209

Design of the Soundbar

Due to their striking structural similarities, you might initially believe that you are looking at the same products. It’s due to the plastic construction and silver-grey elements that permeate all of their designs. YAS-207 and YAS 209 speakers come with a soundbar and a wireless subwoofer. Their looks are on point, and their sound is incredible.

Looking at both soundbars, you’ll see that YAS-209 is thicker and has a more boring design than YAS-207. 209 is 2.4″ longer than 207, which is 2.3″. Both are 36.4″ wide, but the depth in 209 is more (4.0″) than in 207 (3.8″).

The Finding

The Yamaha 207 has an advantage over the 209 because of its compact design if you have a small area for your soundbar.

The Audio Quality of the Soundbar

The Yamaha-YAS 207 has the best sound for loud volume output. The 95.2 dB SPL measurement is higher than the 82.6 fb SPL. The enlarged bass reflex port in the YAS 209 makes the sound-enhancing elements more noticeable.

For better understanding, the dialogue enhancement feature on Yamaha soundbars is controllable on both models. Adding an EQ control to Yamaha 209 has further enhanced this. Both are brought together by incorporating virtual surround qualities, giving an authentic sensation.

Dolby Digital sounds and other DTS formats work with the Yamaha 207 and 209 speakers. But YAS 209’s 34.6 kHz low-frequency extension rate lets you hear things well suited to jazz or electronics.

Compared to the Yamaha 207 soundbar, the 209 is set at a 42.4 Hz range, giving you a deeper sound. However, if you want a soundbar with a strong impact and lightning-quick bass, the 207 is the ideal choice because it has a higher high-frequency extension rate than the 209, which is 19.1 kHz.

The Finding

However, the Yamaha 207 has the advantage regarding sound volume, as even the slightest sound is clear to you.

Yamaha Yas 207 And 209

The Advanced Features

The Bluetooth connectivity of these devices is their best feature because it enables you to listen to all your favorite songs no matter where you are. The Yamaha 209 supports both Bluetooth and WiFi.

Each unit has a remote control that you can use to ensure proper operation. Still, you can also use the software offered in the iOS and Android versions to transform your smartphone into a remote control. The main app for the 207 is Yamaha Home Theater Control, which has basic remote control capabilities.

But the Yamaha sound bar controller app, which is accessible in 209, offers full remote control functionality, allowing you to control all of the crucial components of both the bar and the subwoofer. Additionally, it enables you to use the soundbar to play all of your downloaded files, but only 207’s auto-off setting needs to be added in 209. Instead of the 207’s Auto-off setting, the 209’s subwoofer and soundbar enter standby mode when not in use.

Alexa has been added to the 209 by Yamaha, who did a fantastic job. By just hitting a key on the top of the bar, you can effortlessly silence the microphones and effectively block out the listeners. Additionally, regardless of whether the bar is at rest or not, the well-designed soundbar controller app allows you to choose whether Alexa is always listening.

The quick key on the soundbar or remote can call Alexa for basic soundbar functions like volume, mute, and source switching. However, EQ modes cannot be changed. You can use Alexa for weather and music streaming from services like Spotify and Deezer.

The Finding

In terms of features, the Yamaha 209 comes out on top. The features of 209 are far more valuable and modern than 207.

The Battery’s Longevity

The soundbars and wireless subwoofer both use AC power, so there’s no battery life issue. The main reason is that the gadget has a lithium-ion battery.

This battery, housed inside the remote control for both YAS 207 and 209 and in charge of regulating the subwoofer’s output, works effectively the entire time. It lasts for an average of one year for both bars. But it could last longer if it’s cared for properly.

The Finding

The features of 209 and 207 are equal because both are powered by AC. The voltage for 209 is also similar to 207, so the two bars are the same in this feature.

The Price

The Yamaha YAS-209 is a little more expensive than the YAS-207, and the main reasons for this are the enhanced sound quality and the fascinating designs that emphasize precision. Although they are both relatively affordable, there is a fifty to sixty-dollar difference in their prices.

The Finding

Particularly for people on a tight budget, the price may be an important determining factor. Because it lacks several features that 209 has, 207 is less expensive. However, it should be noted that 207 is less reliable and stable than 209, and its lack of support for more popular web apps may be seen as a disadvantage.

The Final Decision

After comparing the two Yamaha soundbars, we have come to the conclusion that the Yamaha YAS-209 is superior to the Yamaha-207. The ability to hear the slightest noises while staying in a controlled loudness range is partly due to lower sound frequency levels making it a better Yamaha soundbar than YAS 207.

Additionally, its multi-service compatibility is a powerful feature that sets it apart from its competitors. Whereas, the Yamaha YAS-207 is a terrific option if you enjoy music with greater bass because of its high solid frequency coverage. We believe this comparison of the Yamaha YAS-207 and YAS-209 will enable you to make a more informed choice.

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