Best Hisense Sound Bar With Wireless Subwoofer, And Dolby Atmos

Best Hisense Sound Bar

Upgrade your home entertainment system with Hisense sound bars!

They are known for their exceptional quality and affordability, and offer the perfect combination of outstanding audio performance and budget-friendly pricing. Hisense sound bars are a smart purchase for anybody looking to improve their home entertainment system because of features like Bluetooth connectivity, easy setup and superior sound quality.

Hisense sound bars easily fit into any living room or entertainment space and come in a variety of sizes and designs. There is a Hisense sound bar to suit every taste, from slim and stylish versions that install beneath your TV with ease, to larger, more powerful alternatives for the ultimate home theater experience.

Connecting your chosen devices, such as your TV, smartphone, or gaming console, is a snap thanks to the abundance of inputs and outputs. Hisense sound bars are the best option for boosting your home entertainment since they provide amazing audio quality that is sure to wow.

We’ll explore what makes Hisense sound bars stand out from the competition in this article and explain why they’re a smart choice for your audio demands. Hisense sound bars are the ideal blend of value, excellent sound quality, and design to upgrade your entertainment experience.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Best Hisense Soundbar With Subwoofer

Hisense HS312 3.1ch: Best Wireless Subwoofer

Quick Overview:

  • Wireless Subwoofer
  • 300W power output
  • Dolby Atmos technology for realistic sound
  • HDMI (eARC), Bluetooth, and one remote control
  • 4K Pass-Through and HDR signal
  • Roku TV Ready for compatibility with Roku TVs and easy control with Roku remote
  • Quick Touch EQ Modes for optimized audio performance for music, movie, news, night, and sport
  • Accessories included: HDMI cable, optical cable, and wall mounting kit.
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Why It is Best / Benefits:

Your home entertainment experience will be enhanced by the Hisense HS312 3.1ch Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer, which provides a number of advantages. The sound bar is firstly simple to set up and connect to your TV, and you can control both with a single remote. Your music, movies, and video games will sound more immersive thanks to the wireless subwoofer’s rich, low-end frequencies. Every scene sounds more realistic thanks to the immersive sound quality provided by the 6-speaker array with Dolby Atmos technology. Additionally, the sound bar offers quick touch EQ modes that optimize audio performance for different types of content, such as music, movies, news, and sports.

The Hisense HS312 sound bar’s compatibility with Roku TVs is an additional advantage. You can connect the sound bar to your TV through a single HDMI cable and control both devices with one remote. This feature allows for easy setup and navigation, without the need for multiple remotes. The sound bar also provides a 4K pass-through and HDR signal, giving your TV an uninterrupted 4K experience. Furthermore, the included extras, like an HDMI cable, an optical cable connectivity, and a wall mounting kit, guarantee that you have everything you need to start using your Hisense audio system as soon as it arrives.


The size of the Hisense HS312 sound bar could be a disadvantage. While it’s designed to be compact, it may not provide the same level of sound quality as larger, more expensive sound systems. Additionally, because it might not be able to fill a room with sound as effectively as larger sound systems, the sound bar might not be appropriate for larger rooms or spaces. The absence of voice control is another issue that could be problematic for some users who prefer to use voice commands to operate their devices.

Compared to Hisense HS212F 2.1ch Sound Bar:

The Hisense HS312 and HS212F sound bars are great choices for enhancing your television viewing. The HS312 features a 3.1ch sound bar with a wireless subwoofer, 300W output, Dolby Atmos technology, and pre-set EQ settings for various circumstances if you’re searching for a more immersive experience. It is also Roku TV compatible, adding to its flexibility.

The HS212F, on the other hand, is a 2.1ch sound bar with a dedicated wireless subwoofer and a number of audio settings to improve various kinds of entertainment. In addition to being Roku TV compatible, it is best for TVs that are 32 inches or bigger. A wall mounting kit, HDMI and optical connectors, as well as extra accessories, are included with both sound bars. In the end, the decision between the two will be based on the user’s particular requirements and preferences.

Customer Reviews:

A customer that recently purchased this sound bar said that the automatic shut-off option, which switches the device after 15 minutes of inactivity to conserve energy, gave them some trouble. Many reviewers also complained about this issue and returned it. However, the customer found a solution, as it is noted in the handbook in small text. They discovered that increasing the volume on the computer, play station or any other device that you have connected to the sound bar, will prevent this. You can set the sound bar to “low” to avoid the booming loud sound.

Despite this issue, the customer recommends the product.

Additionally, the buyer heard how comparable the sound of the sound bar and the TV’s built-in speakers were, but that the sound bar could play louder and sounded a little bit better at higher levels. The client advised utilizing the computer audio settings for computer-generated sound and the TV audio settings for TV-generated sound in order to make the sound less flat.

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Hisense HS212F 2.1ch: Roku TV Ready Soundbar

Quick Overview:

  • Wireless Subwoofer
  • Powered by Dolby Audio, Pure Surround, and Ezplay Support
  • 120W output, suitable for TVs 32 inches or larger
  • Easy connectivity with HDMI (ARC), Bluetooth, and one remote control
  • Multiple audio modes including Pure Surround, Clear Surround, and Out Screen Surround
  • Roku TV Ready, fully compatible with any Roku TV through HDMI (ARC)
  • Wireless subwoofer for robust low-end frequencies
  • Accessories included: HDMI cable, optical cable, and wall mounting kit
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Why It is Best / Benefits:

Your TV watching experience will be improved by the Hisense HS212F 2.1ch Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer, which provides a number of advantages. It’s simple to set up and adjust to your preferences thanks to the simple connectivity and variety of audio options. Powerful bass is provided by the wireless subwoofer without the inconvenience of unsightly cords. It’s simple to get started straight out of the box thanks to the provided accessories, which include the HDMI cable and wall mounting kit. Additionally, the sound quality has been enhanced so that you can experience the scenario rather than simply hear it. It is much more practical to use due to its compatibility with Roku TVs and the fact that one remote can operate both the TV and sound bar.



There are a few disadvantages, though. The sound may not be as strong or crystal clear as some users would prefer. Additionally, the sound bar may not be compatible with all TVs, and therefore it is important to check the compatibility before purchase. Last but not least, some buyers may find the price point to be a bit excessive, especially those who are not searching for a high-end sound system. Overall, though it might not be the ideal option for everyone, the Hisense HS212F 2.1ch Sound Bar is a great choice for people wishing to improve their TV-watching experience with better sound quality and practical features.

Compared to Hisense HS218 2.1ch Sound Bar:

Bluetooth and HDMI (ARC) are only two of the many connectivity choices provided by the HS212F. This sound bar is a versatile and user-friendly option that will improve your TV viewing experience. It features a dedicated wireless subwoofer for improved bass, Roku TV compatibility, and a selection of audio settings including Pure Surround and Clear Surround.

The HS218, on the other hand, provides even better audio quality. It has four speakers, Dolby Audio technology, a 200-watt total output, a wireless subwoofer, and strong low-end frequencies. In addition, this speaker bar offers preset EQ settings for simple remote control changes, Bluetooth, and HDMI connectivity. The HS218 is also Roku TV Ready, making it a fantastic choice for users of the well-known streaming service.

In the end, the choice between the two will come down to your own needs and tastes. But both sound bars will improve your TV viewing experience since they offer excellent audio quality and a number of useful functions.

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Hisense HS218 2.1ch: Best Soundbar For The Value

Quick Overview:

  • 2.1 channel sound bar with wireless subwoofer and 200W total output
  • Features Dolby Audio technology and professional master-level sound effect tuning
  • Subwoofer delivers robust low-end frequencies
  • Compatible with Roku TV through HDMI (ARC) connection, and can be controlled with Roku TV remote
  • Easy connectivity options include HDMI (ARC), Bluetooth, optical, AUX, and USB
  • Quick touch EQ modes for optimized audio performance
  • Accessories included: sound bar, HDMI cable, optical cable, and wall mounting kit.
Best Hisense Sound Bar
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Why It is Best / Benefits:

The Hisense HS218 2.1ch Sound Bar is a great option for anybody looking to rapidly improve the sound on their TV because it has 4 speakers and a wireless subwoofer, provides a total of 200 watts of power, and uses Dolby Audio technology. Your favorite movies, songs, and video games will sound deeper and more impactful thanks to the dedicated wireless subwoofer’s strong low-end frequencies, which are produced without any messy cables. The soundbar is moreover Roku TV ready, which enables complete compatibility with any Roku TV through the HDMI (ARC) connection. It also has easy touch EQ options that let you alter the sound to your liking and improve your listening experience. The sound bar also comes with all the necessary attachments and is quite simple to set up.

Best Hisense Sound Bar


Given that it is designed to be small and space-saving, the Hisense HS218 Sound Bar has the disadvantage of maybe not being ideal for very big spaces. The sound bar’s bass response may also disappoint some customers, especially when compared to sound bars that are more expensive. This is expected from a mid-range device like the HS218 however, and it still provides a considerable upgrade over regular TV speakers. Last but not least, even though the sound bar’s wireless subwoofer is a fantastic feature, some users may prefer a cable connection for more reliability and sound quality. The sound bar is a fantastic product all around that provides lots of advantages.

Compared to Hisense HS219 2.1ch Sound Bar:

Both the HS218 and HS219 sound bars from Hisense are 2.1 channel systems featuring Dolby Music technology and wireless subwoofers for high-quality audio. It’s simple to connect these sound bars to your TV through Bluetooth or HDMI (ARC) and they come with pre-installed EQ settings that are changeable with a single touch. They also include accessories including a wall mounting kit, an HDMI cable, and an optical cable.

The two versions’ overall power output and the HS219’s compatibility with a Hisense TV remote are primarily different. The HS219 is better suited for larger TVs since it has a greater total power output of 320 watts than the HS218, which has a total power output of 200 watts. Additionally, the HS219 can be controlled using a Hisense TV remote, which is not an option with the HS218.

Ultimately, the HS219’s 320 watts of total power output may be a better option if you have a bigger TV or want a more robust sound. The HS218’s 200 watts can be plenty if you have a smaller TV or don’t need as much power, though. Another thing to think about is how convenient it is to use the HS219 with a Hisense TV remote. Overall, the HS218 and HS219 are excellent choices for enhancing the audio on your TV.

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Hisense HS219 2.1ch: 2.1CH Dolby Audio Soundbar

Quick Overview:•

  • Wireless subwoofer
  • Total power output of 320 watts, perfect for TVs 32 inches or larger
  • Powered by Dolby Audio for excellent audio quality
  • Easy connectivity with HDMI (ARC) and Bluetooth
  • Wireless subwoofer delivers robust low-end frequencies
  • One remote control for both TV and sound bar
  • Multiple preset EQ settings for different audio performances
  • Comes with accessories including HDMI cable, optical cable, and wall mounting kit
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Why It is Best / Benefits:

For those looking to improve their TV viewing experience, the Hisense HS219 2.1ch Sound Bar is a great option. Dolby Audio, three EQ settings, and its strong 320W output enable an immersive audio experience that immerses the listener in the scenario. The user may experience the “boom” in their preferred movies, music, and video games thanks to the wireless subwoofer’s powerful low-end frequencies. The sound bar is a practical addition to any home entertainment system since it is simple to set up, connect, and manage with just one remote. It is a complete solution that can be utilized immediately out of the box thanks to the inclusion of extras like the HDMI cable, optical cable, and wall mounting kit.


This product’s size is one of its weak points. The HS219 may not be the best solution for people with smaller TVs because it is designed for TVs 32 inches or larger. Additionally, the sound bar’s style might not be for everyone, and the wireless subwoofer may occupy extra space in a room. The sound bar’s Bluetooth communication has the potential to be less dependable than a cable connection, which might lead to occasional audio dropouts. Finally, even if the three EQ settings are useful, audiophiles who wish to fine-tune their sound preferences may find that the absence of a customizable EQ is a drawback. Overall, the Hisense HS219 is a great device that offers simplicity and high-quality audio.

Compared to Hisense HS214 2.1ch Sound Bar:

The Hisense HS219 and HS214 sound bars are two fantastic choices to improve the audio quality of your TV viewing. Both versions have simple communication through Bluetooth and HDMI (ARC), but the HS219 has a dedicated wireless subwoofer that produces more powerful sound for a more immersive experience. The HS214 includes an integrated subwoofer with a total power output of 120 watts, compared to the HS219’s total power output of 320 watts. The HS219 is also more adaptable to your preferences because it has more EQ settings than the HS214.

Additionally, the HS214 is more reasonably priced than the HS219, making it a great choice for people on a tight budget who want to improve their TV audio experience.

The decision between the two types ultimately comes down to personal tastes and needs. The HS219 is the best option if you want a sound bar with a dedicated wireless subwoofer and more potent sound production. The HS214 is an excellent choice, though, if you have a Roku TV and would like the ease of utilizing a single remote to control both your TV and sound bar. The HS214 is also a great option if you’re searching for an inexpensive model with a built-in subwoofer.

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Hisense HS214 2.1ch: 2.1 CH All In One Soundbar

Quick Overview:•

  • Built-in Subwoofer
  • Total power output of 108W
  • All-in-one compact design
  • Compatible with any Roku TV through HDMI (ARC) connection
  • Easy connectivity with HDMI (ARC) and Bluetooth
  • Quick touch EQ modes with multiple preset settings
  • Includes HDMI cable, optical cable, and wall mounting kit.
Hisense HS214 2.1ch Sound Bar
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Why Is The Best / Benefits:

To any home entertainment system, the Hisense HS214 2.1ch Sound Bar is a great addition. It is ideal for people who want a better TV sound experience without losing aesthetics because of its small size and exquisite design, which fits nicely in any living room, bedroom, or family room environment. The two front-facing speakers produce bright and clear high- and mid-range frequencies, while the built-in subwoofer offers superb bass, creating a full-bodied music experience that lets you feel the “boom”.

You can easily use one HDMI cable (included) to connect the sound bar to your TV using the HDMI (ARC) connection, and you can operate both devices using the same remote control. For even greater versatility, you may link the HS214 to your smart device using wireless Bluetooth communication. Additionally, the Quick Touch EQ Modes enable you to quickly and easily achieve the finest audio quality for music, movies, and news. Because the Hisense HS214 is Roku TV Ready, you can use a single remote to operate both the TV and sound bar.

Hisense HS214 2.1ch Sound Bar


The Hisense HS214 offers a lot of advantages, but it also has some disadvantages. Its restricted connection possibilities are one drawback. Because there is only one USB port, some users who want to connect many devices may find that it is insufficient. The sound quality might not be as high as that of more costly sound bars, particularly when compared to versions with a dedicated subwoofer, which is another possible negative. The HS214’s overall power output of 108W might not be sufficient to provide loud sound, especially in bigger settings.

Additionally, the HS214 lacks several capabilities seen in more advanced sound bars, like voice control and EQ options.

Overall, the Hisense HS214 is a great choice for anyone who wants to enhance their TV sound experience without going over budget, but those who want more powerful functions or more potent sound may want to look into more expensive choices.

Compared to Hisense HS312 3.1ch Sound Bar:

Both the Hisense HS214 and HS312 sound bars are created to improve the audio quality of your television pleasure. But these two products differ in certain important ways from one another. The Dolby Atmos technology, which projects sound overhead to create a more immersive audio experience, is the first feature of the HS312. A built-in subwoofer on the HS214, in contrast, produces outstanding bass for a rich audio experience.

The type of connectivity options offered by these two sound bars is another variation between them. While the HS312 employs HDMI (eARC) and Bluetooth, the HS214 connects through HDMI (ARC) and ARC. Additionally, the HS312 has 4K pass-through, which the HS214 does not, ensuring a smooth 4K experience. Last but not least, the HS312 has a separate, wireless subwoofer whereas the HS214 just has an integrated subwoofer. With these modifications, the HS312 becomes a more advanced and feature-rich alternative for customers seeking a high-end audio experience.

Best Hisense Sound Bar

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Buying Guide: Hisense 5.1 Soundbar

Sound bars are a terrific way to improve the home entertainment experience you have by giving your favorite music, movies, and TV programs better audio clarity and quality.

Leading home electronics producer Hisense provides a variety of sound bars, but with so many alternatives available, it can be difficult to know what to look for when purchasing a Hisense sound bar.

To help you choose a Hisense sound bar wisely, we’ll go through the main factors to take into account in this article.

Sound Performance

It’s critical to seek for a model that can offer crystal-clear sound because the main goal of a sound bar is to enhance the TV’s audio quality.

The overall sound quality of Hisense sound bars varies depending on the speaker arrangement, which ranges from 2.0 channel to 5.1 channel.

The sound experience will be more immersive the more channels a sound bar has. A 5.1 channel sound bar, for example, contains five speakers and a subwoofer, which produces a more dramatic and realistic surround sound.

The sort of audio technology the sound bar employs is another crucial factor of sound quality to take into account. A common technique used in Hisense sound bars, Dolby Atmos creates a 3D audio experience that puts you right in the center of the action. DTS:X and DTS Virtual:X are two more technologies that can improve the audio quality of your files.

Connection Methods

It’s crucial to think about Hisense sound bar’s connectivity possibilities while making your selection. Through an HDMI or optical connection, a sound bar is often connected to a TV. The HDMI ports on Hisense sound bars often allow you to connect additional devices, such a game console or Blu-ray player. Some versions also come equipped with Bluetooth connection, allowing you to play music straight from your smartphone or tablet.

You may also operate some Hisense sound bars by using voice commands if they are compatible with voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. The product specs should be checked whether this function is crucial to you because not all models come with it.

Design and Positioning

The design and positioning of the Hisense sound bar should also be taken into account. It’s important to select a sound bar model that works with your TV and room setting because sound bars come in a variety of sizes and designs.

Others include a built-in subwoofer, making them more compact and simpler to install. Some Hisense sound bars have a wireless subwoofer that can be put anywhere in the room.

The sound bar’s mounting choices must also be taken into account. While some models include a wall mount kit, others need to be purchased separately. The sleek and contemporary designs of some Hisense sound bars may also go well with your home’s decor, making them a desirable addition to your entertainment system.

Additional Features

Finally, it’s important to take into account any other functions that the sound bar offers. The remote control that generally comes with Hisense sound bars makes it simple to change the settings and level. Additionally, some models include preset EQ settings that enhance the sound for certain types of material, including movie or music mode.

Additionally, some Hisense sound bars are Roku TV Ready, allowing for more seamless integration and control through the use of the Roku TV remote.

It’s crucial to take into account aspects like sound quality, connectivity choices, style and positioning, and extra features when choosing a Hisense sound bar. By taking into account these essential elements, you can select a sound bar that suits your requirements and tastes while also delivering an improved audio experience for your preferred entertainment.

Personal Opinion

The Hisense HS219 2.1ch Sound Bar is a great complement to any home entertainment system, in my opinion. With crisp and potent high and midrange frequencies as well as a wireless subwoofer that produces deep and rich bass, the audio quality is remarkable. Another fantastic feature is the preset EQ settings, which let you quickly swap between audio settings according to what you’re viewing or listening to. It is a practical and user-friendly alternative due to the straightforward connecting choices and the shared remote control for the TV and speaker. Overall, for anybody wishing to enhance their audio experience, I heartily suggest the Hisense HS219 sound bar.

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