Tips and Tricks for Mounting Your Soundbar Above Your TV

Mounting A Soundbar Above A TV

Mostly, you mount soundbars to a wall or a sound system and place them below a television. However, can soundbars go above the TV to improve the appearance of your living room?

Does installing it from above affect the sound experience, especially when using a surround sound soundbar of high caliber?

It will benefit you much to read this article through to the end if you are seeking a solution to any of the aforementioned queries.

Your TV and Soundbar Systems

Because TV speakers fall short of providing the best home entertainment experience, soundbars have swiftly gained popularity.

Every time you switch on your TV to catch your favorite programs and sporting games at home, you can be treated to the magnificent listening experience that soundbars provide.

One of the easiest and most handy devices that will elevate your listening and viewing experience is a TV soundbar. With surround soundbars, you can enjoy your favorite TV shows and sports games at home while getting the full movie theater experience.

Because the wiring connections are so simple, TV soundbars are extremely straightforward to install.

You can quickly set up the soundbars to enjoy a completely different home theater audio experience after taking a glance at the handbook.

The most typical configuration in most homes is often the soundbar being placed directly below the TV to add that slick appearance and superb audio quality while you enjoy the magnificent sound quality provided by the high-tech amplifiers. But are there any alternative, more helpful positions, like having your sound bar on top of the tv?

You’re going to learn the answer shortly.

Mounting A Soundbar Above A TV

Can a soundbar be installed above the TV?

Having your soundbar mounted above the TV could offer a superior audio quality choice in some circumstances. However, whether you mount a sound bar above or below the tv, the most crucial thing is that it be as near to ear position as feasible.

The only exceptions to this rule are soundbars featuring upward-firing speakers and surround sound systems, each of which has special positioning requirements.

The ear-level guideline applies to most typical soundbars, but more sophisticated soundbars that need a unique location might be more challenging to arrange. Because you are to position TVs at eye level, that is nearly precisely the exact position as ear level, a compromise is required even with more simple soundbars.

The most popular soundbars function like upgraded versions of standard TV speakers, thus they perform best when positioned directly below the TV. But when placed above the TV, specialist soundbars perform better, like the Upward raising soundbars.

It is only appropriate to install a soundbar beneath a television when you are using a standard soundbar. What causes this? As previously said, the soundbars must be positioned such that your ear is directly in line with them.

To avoid neck strains, you must also make sure you position the TV in such a way that it is parallel to the eyes. This makes reaching this goal nearly hard.

Therefore, it is sensible to place the TV slightly above eye level and the soundbar just beneath the ear level to get a delicate balance.

The ideal TV to Soundbar spacing should result from the 10cm to 15cm configuration.

Mounting A Soundbar Above A TV

In Conclusion

A soundbar purchase may quickly go wrong, especially if you get home and it does not satisfy your sound needs with its relatively subpar sound quality. You could even question why there is such a buzz surrounding these top-rated speakers. We guarantee one thing when using a soundbar: the speakers will surely provide a booming effect.

Anything less implies that there must be a problem. One of the main reasons soundbar users have a terrible listening experience is cases of improper positioning and placement.

Below are a few instructions to help you place your soundbar appropriately:

  • If you want to lessen sound reverberations, which would subsequently degrade the quality of the music you hear, you could always cover your flooring with thick carpeting.
  • Always verify your room’s acoustic lowering besides the location of your soundbar. You might not be getting the full benefit of the soundbar sound because of poor room acoustics.
  • To avoid echoes, which may weaken the music, protect your window with thick drapes.
  • You could also use the manual method of simply asking a buddy to move the soundbar about while you listen to find the location that produces the most thrilling sound.
  • Finally, the general guideline is to always examine the manufacturer’s specs and the manual for recommendations on the best wiring and arrangements that might significantly improve the listening experience you have with these high-quality speakers.

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