How to Sync Your Polk Audio Subwoofer to Soundbar

Sync Polk Audio Subwoofer to Soundbar

When it comes to audio goods, Polk Audio is a well-known company. Subwoofers are among the many products they provide. You must do a few steps if you have a Polk Audio subwoofer and wish to sync it with your soundbar.

The first thing you need to do is ensure your subwoofer is tuned to the same channel as your soundbar. The majority of subwoofers have a channel-changing knob or switch on the back. Moreover, be sure your subwoofer’s volume is set to the appropriate level.

Next, make sure that the audio output on your audio equipment is set to “mono” instead of “stereo.” You can do this on most audio devices by pushing the “mono” button.

After doing so, you can carefully attach the audio cords from your soundbar to your subwoofer. Your subwoofer’s red audio input should receive the red audio cable, and the white audio input should receive the white audio wire.

Now that everything is set up, your subwoofer should be able to play the sounds coming from your soundbar. You can adjust the subwoofer’s volume by rotating the knob on the back of the subwoofer.

Sync Polk Audio Subwoofer to Soundbar

How to sync your wireless subwoofer to the soundbar?

A wireless subwoofer is an excellent way to improve sound quality without running a lot of cables around your space. What happens, though, if it doesn’t coordinate with your other speakers? Here’s a solution to that problem – and it only takes a few minutes to set up.

Start by confirming that your subwoofer is turned on and receiving a signal from your soundbar. If the cables are not connected correctly, verify that they are connected correctly.

The subwoofer should now be turned on by checking your audio settings. The crossover frequency and volume may also need to be changed in order to optimize the subwoofer’s output.

If nothing else works, try syncing your subwoofer manually. You do this by hitting buttons on the audio source and the subwoofer. The product documentation has instructions for syncing your subwoofer.

How to sync your Polk surround sound speakers to the soundbar?

Make sure your soundbar is playing, and all of your Polk surround sound speakers are turned on before you start. Then, find the synchronization (sync) button on the subwoofer’s back panel.

For two seconds, firmly press and hold the subwoofer’s sync button to activate your Polk front and rear surround sound speakers. The speakers will beep, as a result, indicating that they are now working.

Now it’s time to hit the sync button on each surround sound speaker using the remote that came with your Polk Audio surround sound system.

The front and rear surround sound speakers will beep once more after pressing all of the sync buttons, proving that the speakers were synchronized effectively.

Press and hold the sync button on the subwoofer for two seconds until you hear a beep from the front and back speakers if you want to adjust the synchronization between the front and rear speakers. Once you hear the desired beep, use the remote control to hit the sync button on each surround sound speaker.

Why doesn’t your Polk Audio subwoofer work?

There are a few things you can fix in your Polk Audio subwoofer if it isn’t working properly.

Initially, make sure the subwoofer is on and the volume is turned up. If it’s still not working, ensure the subwoofer is turned on and the power wire is hooked into an operational outlet.

Make sure the white, green, and red cables are connected to the receiver, and the black cable is connected to the subwoofer properly if it still doesn’t work. The music will not be adequately amplified if the cables are improperly connected. If, after checking each of these factors, the subwoofer is still not working, there can be a problem with the subwoofer itself, which would require repair or replacement.


By the time you’ve finished reading this guide, I hope you’ll be able to connect your Polk subwoofer to the soundbar easily. Well, this is a simple process, so you won’t have to put in much effort. If, however, after taking the actions mentioned above, you are still unable to pair them up, think about getting professional assistance.

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